Psychotherapy is a valuable process for you if you want or need to make change in your life. Asking for help reflects personal strength in our contemporary world. Availing oneself of psychotherapy is no longer understood as a sign of weakness or mental deficiency.

Experiencing the presence of an interested and caring witness-someone who is really listening-is an essential component of therapeutic work.

We come to know ourselves through our relationships. A baby cannot survive without the care and attention of another. As our lives become more complex, as the stressors increase, as we learn to love and to feel hurt, to experience joy and loss, we are faced with challenges and opportunities.

Having a witness with you to listen to you, to be interested in you and in your feelings, to help you remember and feel traumatic and painful experiences in order to move through them to a better place is the essence of this work.


Meaningful relationships occasionally need additional attention in times of conflict and discord, and at these times they can benefit immeasurably from an objective and compassionate third perspective.

Unhealthy patterns of relating may have developed over time, such as assumptions, anticipatory defensive behaviors, misunderstandings, anger, hurt, and other difficult emotional stresses. Additionally, differences in child rearing and family of origin orientations, money management, priorities and ongoing stressors all contribute to the challenges faced by many couples.

Your needs and expectations and the needs and expectations of your partner may need to be identified, articulated and acknowledged. Issues of attachment and of organizing behaviors are often accentuated and manifested in the presenting problems. Understanding these problems, unique to each couple, provides the avenue through which individuals in relationships can grow and deepen their intimate engagements with one another.

Couples come in many forms: life partners, siblings, friends, as well as adult parents with adult children.


Holding a doctorate in psychoanalysis, I work with a contemporary psychoanalytic sensibility. This does not mean Freudian psychology, but rather involves the exploration and appreciation for personal emotional growth and development.

This process requires time along with an unremitting respect for the uniqueness of each individual and the unique pace at which each person develops. An appreciation for this uniqueness contributes to that sense of safety and curiosity so essential to therapeutic work.This process centers on a spirit of understanding rather than one of judgment.

Elder Care


If you have never entered the world of caring for an older loved one, when you do, it is often experienced as entering a maze. You don't know where to begin and where to go. This is an area of expertise which I have developed over the past 25 years.

As a consultant, I assist adult children, families, and retirees. This involves assessment either in the home or in my office; education on available resources and options; and emotional working through of the issues, concerns, and fears involved in this critical stage of life.

I try to be as flexible as I can be, depending on your needs and desires. My involvement can be on a one time basis for assessment and education about resources. Frequently, as the situation changes over time, I am often called in again and can be involved in an on-going way.

Care Management

When necessary, I provide care management for older loved ones on a more substantial and/or on-going basis.This can involve securing in-home assistance and supervision of caregivers, as well as being an advocate and liaison with the medical community and with programs serving this population.

Care management can be extremely beneficial for long distance care giving. I am the local eyes and ears; a problem solver and counselor. Care management can be extremely beneficial to local family caregivers as well because it is time and labor intensive. Oftentimes, you as the adult child, are sandwiched between raising your children and caring for your parents in addition to the pressures and responsibilities you have in your work life.

This service is invaluable, allowing you to spend quality time with your parents as opposed to being stuck in constant problem-solving and crises intervention.

This stage of life is often characterized by a variety of intermittent losses. It can also be one of great satisfaction for you and your parent. One facet of my work is to help facilitate the development of a more satisfying relationship, and to make it conducive to resolving any remaining emotional conflicts, if you so desire.


I facilitate groups for adult children of aging parents and family caregivers. Being with and experiencing others who are going through similar circumstances can often provide you a strong foundation of support and resources.

Some of these resources include the names of professional caregiver agencies and private caregivers, Alzheimer and dementia resources and education, housing alternatives and what is necessary in getting your parents' affairs in order.