We all seek meaningful experiences and relationships. Growth, connection to self and to others, the ability to identify, feel and express feelings, a valuable sense of self worth, healthy relationships, and being able to fully engage in one's life, are all parts of what psychotherapy is about. These help us make conscious choices, which are vital contributors to living our lives in a meaningful and engaging manner.

A safe place to do this work is crucial and what is considered safe is dependent on your needs. Together, we find out what those are. The therapist/patient relationship is the vehicle in which we work, together.

I feel privileged that you, as individuals, couples, and families, allow me to accompany you on this journey. Although it is not easy, it is enriching and valuable. It allows you the ability to address and live through the inevitable struggles and obstacles of your life….to believe in yourself and your ability to take care of yourself in the context of your primary relationships. Having a person accompany you on this journey makes all the difference.

My training, education, and experience inform how I work with you. My methodology and technique are shaped by contemporary relational, psychodynamic perspectives.

This means that I draw from a combination of therapeutic orientations that include self psychology, intersubjective systems theory, complexity theory, attachment theory, relational theory, and contemporary object relations.

Our relationship is one of emergent interaction developed by the exploration and understanding of meanings, organizing principles, reflection, and affect states.